New Fraen Lens Series

New Fraen Trilenses Series
for Luxeon™ K2 LED


Fraen FL3 for Luxeon K2 LED
  • Fraen Corporation is announcing theavailability of the new FT3 and FL3 Trilens series specifically designed for Luxeon K2 LED
  • These tri-lens solutions are suitable for MR16 (50mm Diameter) and MR11 (35mm diameter) replacements.
  • The FT3 offering includes narrow, medium, wide; while the FL3 offering includesnarrow and medium beam version.
Fraen FT3 for Luxeon K2 LED
  • Made from optical grade PMMA with long-term material stability to high temperature.
  • Optics have been designed specifically for Luxeon K2 (including K2 TFFC version), reaching highest value of "on-axis" efficiency.
  • Each of these tri-lenses are only available as assemblies (3 lenses attached to a holder).  The lens holder assures the proper relative placement of the lenses on the LEDs.
Ordering Information

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For ordering or technical information please contact Fraen’s offices or our official distributor.

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Americas: 1-888-LUXEON2

Europe: 00-0800-44FUTURE

Asia: 1-800-LUMILEDS


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