Fraen OMG specializes in the design and the manufacture of optics for LEDs. Examples include automotive instrument cluster applications, light pipes and total internal reflector (TIR) optics for high power LEDs. TIR is a highly efficient means of managing light used in applications such as flashlights and architectural illumination. Unlike traditional reflectors, which use reflective coatings, TIR has the potential to reach 100% reflectivity. Low cost, highly efficient robust products can be achieved through the use of TIR optical solutions.

Fiber optic cables are a common application of TIR; they employ the efficiency of TIR to transmit light over great distances. Specifically, when light from a source, e.g., an LED enters a light pipe or TIR reflector, it reflects off the inside surfaces of the optic. The light then exits the optic in the desired beam pattern or shape. Micro-lenses, or beam shaping refractive surfaces can then be added to the output surface of the reflector to produce flood patterns, and elliptical or rectangular beam shapes. In addition, the input surface can be designed to maximize the efficiency for most any LED source.



Fraen OMG engineers have completed a wide range of successful projects addressing challenging optical requirements for the emergency lighting industry to simple portable lighting applications. In addition to having unparalleled experience in optical R&D, they have extensive manufacturing experience ranging from tool construction to prototyping through production.

This experience is the driving force behind its research and development of world-class optical solutions. By combining this experience and knowledge, Fraen OMG consistently develops and produces high quality, cost-competitive products.




Design Tools
Developing optical solutions for high-powered LED’s is a core competency of Fraen OMG. The method to developing high quality lens systems is a complex iterative design process. The design team has more than 100 years of optical design experience. The combination of experience and product knowledge allows the design team to quickly converge on solutions to many demanding optical engineering challenges.

One of the many advantages Fraen OMG has over its competitors is its extensive knowledge of ASAP software. ASAP is the leading optics program uniting geometrical and physical optics with full 3D models of optical and mechanical systems. Fraen OMG uses additional design tools such as CAD software, luxmeters, spectrometers, integrating spheres and goniophotometers to ensure efficient and optimal design solutions.